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The national emergency management expert group to three front research
2021-03-19 22:28:37

17, the national emergency management expert group to Wing research, city leaders Xu Huashui, Chen Meirong accompanied. Emergency Management Expert Group, State Department Counselor Shunchang Chang and his entourage visited the company, Sanfeng shares of emergency rescue equipment, emergency rescue equipment and production, research and development, and listened to the city's emergency work and emergency industry report. Shunchang Chang said that Yongkang established a sound emergency response system, improve the emergency management mechanism to improve the emergency response capability, reinforce the basis of emergency management. Shunchang Chang pointed out that Yongkang has a better manufacturing and market base, to strengthen the confidence of the development of emergency industry, a new economic growth Yongkang point. To strengthen the professional team building, equipped with standardized emergency equipment, to "a team of multi-purpose, a multi-functional" effect.